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Myths about Art

         Many people believe that if you don't have a special, god-given artistic talent, now, you will never have one.  However, drawing, like all artistic skills, is just a skill like any other, it just happens to be one of those well-suited to creative expression.

          While rarely taught in western primary schools, the skill of perceiving things in life and recording them on a medium such as paper such that they fool the eye into believing they appear three-dimensional, e.g. utilizing perspective,is widely taught in eastern schools with success that might well astound the aforementioned westerner who doesn't believe drawing can be taught.

         I drew the pictures to the left and right. They are before and after pictures. The first I drew prior to instruction in a course based upon Betty Edwards' book, "Drawing on the Right Side of The Brain" of which, fyi, a"New" edition is now available.  I took this course over one fine summer, once a week, at the Otis College of Art and Design in Westchester,a part of the city of Los Angeles in CA,USA.

          The after picture, quite simply, is one I drew of the same person, albeit in dramatic lighting, after the period of instruction in the course of the same person.

          I'll leave to draw your own conclusions, but I would also offer that I was very lazy about this class, did very little of the homework, primarily just drawing in class where I had assistance from the instructors. The other students in the class got far better results than I did, although I'm quite satisfied with what I got out of the course based upon what I put into it.

         To those that seek to draw from imagination, know that what one draws stems if not directly from, then in synthesis of, our experiences. In drawing the dragons you may see in these pages, I took many animal drawing classes. My wingsib bases many of her pictures off of beings like cheetahs. Coming soon, an illustration of this transition.

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