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Stars' Pyre, yo.


       An avatara of wonder - a shapeshifting, multidimensional manifestation of a facet of the collective consciousness of existence. And stuff - = ^ . ^ = - I'm into any sorta gaming you care to toss my way, the more creative, the more innovative, the more kyol and different, the better, though I'm definitely up for playing the conventional, too. I change alla time, an' lotsa kittens get confused, so I recommend that peeps check out my site, http://10.wox.org and especially its link to my livejournal

       Though th'Avatara of Wonder stuff is really just some randomness I made up to get peeps to lay off their stereotypical prejudgin' action . . . FAQ . . . "What are you? " "I'm me!" "You mean . . . you're a griffin!" "No, I'm me. I might look _kind_ of like griffin now, but not only am I not a griffin, but what I am changes allatime." " "Huh?" "Care to specify what you mean?" "What?" " aaa . . . I'm a k'mystikal avatara! Woooooooo lookime! *dancedances*"

       * reaches out of your display and patpats you. * Oh ya, and I play "always persona-In Character" meaning I incorporate all aspects of my experience into how I play. So, if you ever think I'm being Out Of Character, from this perspective, you're wrong. * sie chirps cheerfully.

       You can call me * for short or any crazed permutation of my name's most likely all good. Please don't call me an it, though . . . I use sie and hir, pronounced "see" and "hear" as my pronoun and possessive pronoun, you don't have to use them, I suggest you use -they- and -their- if you don't like sie and hir.

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Stars* Pyre



Contact points

internet mail

absolutely anything you want can go here @tensphere.wox.org



Instant Messenging - http://trillian.cc

ICQ: "Stars' Pyre" 85833004
AIM: "StarsPyre AIM"
Y!ID: "StarsPyre"
MSNM: "Stars_Pyre@SPAMFILTERhotmail.com" (minus SPAMFILTER)
IRC- Yiffnet, DALnet, EFnet, Action, Enter The Game . . .

Stars' Pyre


SpinDizzy Stars'_Pyre muck.spindizzy.org:7072
Alfandria Stars'_Pyre alfandria.chameleon.net:8888
Chaotic MUX Stars' Pyre chaoticmux.org:4201
RhostMUSH Stars' Pyre thematt.net:6288
Spheres MUX Stars' Pyre spheresmux.net:7777
Xaen MUSH Stars' Pyre dreslough.com:2000
Cats' Haven Stars'_Pyre
Dreams MUCK Stars'_Pyre muck.katilyr.com:8888
Faibanx Stars'_Pyre ld5.hn.org:8888
Feather Stars'_Pyre feathermuck.avians.net:8888
Fools' Moon Stars'_Pyre furryfaire.org:9999
Furry Stars'_Pyre
Furtoonia Stars'_Pyre ft.furtoonia.net:9999
Pax Draconis Stars'_Pyre furtropolis.com:9000
Raccoon MUCK Stars'_Pyre tfmuck.tigerden.com:6020
Scales Stars'_Pyre
Tapestries Stars'_Pyre tapestries.fur.com:2069
Sociopolitical Ramifications _*_ spr.ctrl-c.liu.se:23
SuperMegaTopia Eos supermegatopia.dyndns.org:8888
Redwall Eos redwall.muck.limitless.org:4203
Furry Faire Urania muck.furryfaire.org:8888
Strange Attractor Celestial
Trimere Ryuuko connect.trimere.com:3836

Fledging Day

Feel free to use


as an excuse to celebrate my fledging - = ^ . ^ = -

Strings to search for me with . . .

Stars' Pyre translation from Kasoushinsei
Ten no Ryuu
Ten Sphere http://white-wolf.com
Ryuuko Odoruhoshi Dragon+Tiger/Creative Writer, Dancing Star
Kasoushinsei Tenjuukyuu Stars' Pyre, from the Ten Sphere Archipelago
Kasoushinsei Tennoryuu Stars' Pyre, of the celestial dragons
Urania Furry Faire
Celestial Dynamo Strange Attractor
Pyreseal derived from Ogre Battle used as pyreseal@earthink.net
Jedit Ojanen old furcadia alias
Piotyr old Sierra Online/ImagiNation Network/AOL Worldsomethingorother alias
Dream Guardian Nobody's called upon me in this capacity for a long while, but if you want, I can Guard your dreams for you.
Eos apteryx haastii From Red Wall MUCK069'09'13'19>>>You page, "I picked it up as Eos apteryx haastii, meaning :: Kiwi of the Dawn ::" to Solstice. 069'09'14'59>>>In a page-pose to you, Solstice nods, In latin Eos if the 3rd person pronoun, plural accusative.

Wingsibs - adopted siblings

I have an open offer that anyone who wants to be my wingsib, can be. So far, I think only

Alohilani livejournal.com/~alohilani
Breimh Na Aibhion bpickett@SPAMFILTERoz.net
ChocolateChip livejournal.com/~chocolatechip
Eldarath livejournal.com/~eldarath
Kyra/Kya-Kya/Fira/Ashlyn livejournal.com/~neko_chan
Lydri livejournal.com/~lydri formerly raincat
Ninereeds livejournal.com/~ninereeds
Sideria/Jillian of Gothos www.dragonweave.com/gothos

have taken me up on that.

I think of wingsiblings in a Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. way.

I consider everyone to be my wingsib. If they choose to acknowledge that, wonderful ^ ^ If not, I'll not force it on them ^ ^

This is primarily an offer for people to communicate to me that my friendship is welcome with them. Every one and any one's friendship is always welcome with me, whether or not the person in question calls me wingsib ^ ^